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Phill Jones

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Phill Jones, Co-founder for Digital and Technology

Phill Jones is a product innovator, business strategist, and highly qualified research scientist. As MoreBrains’ lead for digital and technology, Phill weaves his expertise in analytics and bibliometrics platforms and cutting-edge information products with his sector understanding and experience in stakeholder management to ensure a match between the technological, business, and community needs of our clients.

Phill brings razor-sharp analytical and communications skills, which he developed working as a bio-physicist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, and in numerous partner- and community-facing roles in scholarly communications, including Head of External Collaborations at ReadCube, and Director of Publishing Innovation at Digital Science. This background has furnished Phill with the translational ability to bring the needs and experiences of stakeholders to life, bridging communities and disciplines. Phill excels in delivering insights with the clarity and context needed to both shake up ideas and equip our partners to move forward and act on their new knowledge.

As the first Editorial Director of the Journal of Visualized Experiments, and the first VP of Business Development at ReadCube, an entrepreneur and advisor to a number of startups, Phill brings proven business acumen to the MoreBrains team. He is a complex systems thinker who creates focus, identifying the soluble problems at the core of the challenges that our clients face. 

Phill has experience of working across the whole product life-cycle, and is our expert in product management and development, supporting clients in managing technology products, designing architectures, rolling out technology delivery toolchains, and selecting enterprise technologies. He has worked with university presses, commercial and society publishers, funders, and national-level policy bodies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

As an instructor and trainer, Phill has nurtured a deeper understanding among students, early-career researchers, information and technology professionals, publishers, and community leaders in the scholarly ecosystem. As a facilitator, analyst, and mentor, Phill brings a real breadth of experience and engagement to every conversation, helping you to get the very best out of your people and partnerships.

These skills have established Phill as a respected community and thought leader. Whether acting as a judge for the Karger Vesalius Innovation Award, a chef at the influential blog The Scholarly Kitchen, or shaping the programmes of the many conferences and community events that he has contributed to, Phill has been nurturing conversations and helping to define the future of the research ecosystem for more than a decade.

From creating innovative new products and services to repositioning and relaunching existing offerings, Phill will help you to leverage your strengths, and build out new strategies to take your organisation and community forward to new worlds of opportunity.

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